As the second-oldest Baptist Church in Victoria, with its foundation dating back to 1851, there is much of interest to be found in the history of Brighton Baptist Church. The words of F.W. Boreham, written as part of the church's 1951 Centenary celebrations, still ring true today: "we grasp the torch handed to us by noble predecessors, and who, in due time, pass it on to eager and faithful successors. Each a link in a golden chain."

The story of Brighton Baptist Church's past can be read in the Links with the Past booklets, available for a small donation from the church office.

Some milestones in Brighton Baptist's history are listed below, as well as the names of past ministers.

Milestones in Brighton Baptist's History

Mar 12, 1851 First minutes of Brighton Baptist Church recorded.
1853 First Chapel opened for worship and Sunday School formed.
Feb 28, 1858 Completion of new church building. Old building used as a Sunday school.
Aug 15, 1864 Church closes due to low finances and decreased attendance.
Jun 30, 1867 Church is reopened.
1920 Church building condemned as unsafe due to hurricane.
May 7, 1921 New church building opened for worship and Manse completed.
1926 New church furniture installed (Pulpit, Choir stalls)
1933 New Sunday School building opened for worship.
1961 Church acquires 'Burgess House', a two-storey building on the corner of Cochrane and Bay Streets. Converted into a multi-purpose building used for all age Sunday School, accommodation and meetings.
1971 The Brighton Baptist Pre-school Centre (Kindergarten) was officially opened.
Mar 6, 1977 Commissioning concert for the newly rebuilt pipe organ
1983 - 1995 The BJ's club became a main focus in the church orgainising events for intellectually and physically disabled people in the bayside area.
1995 Sale of the Manse at 154 Bay Street and of the two tennis courts on Outer Crescent. Redevelopment of old Sunday School to create new four bedroom manse and two bedroom unit.
Feb 1997 Brighton Baptist Student Hostel (now BBSA) begins.
Oct 3, 1999 Partnership between Brighton and Hampton Baptist churches begins.
Sep 8-9, 2001 150th Anniversary celebrations.
Aug 17, 2003 End of partnership between Brighton and Hampton Baptist.
Feb 29, 2004 Sunday School - 150th Anniversary celebrations.
Mar 6, 2005 Commencement of the 'All Stars' children's church (now Kids Church)
Jun, 2008 Brighton Baptist becomes a signed member of the Brighton Covenant Churches
Sep, 2008 Implementation of Kids' Hope Program at Elsternwick Primary School
Apr, 2010 Alpha courses begin at Brighton Baptist
Jun 17, 2012 First "church@6:30" (now REFRESH) service is held in Burgess House
Sep 26, 2013 Bi-monthly Praise and Worship Nights are started on a Thursday evening
Nov 30, 2014 Launch of Sunday evening Afrikaans-language services

Past Ministers of Brighton Baptist

1851-1864 Pastor J. Collins
1867-1873 Pastor A.W. Whitney
1874-1876 Rev. W. Garner
1876-1878 Rev. H. Coombes
1879-1881 Rev. H.H. Garrett
1882-1885 Rev. G.P. Lush
1886-1894 Rev. S. Howard
1896-1899 Rev. J.E. Harrison
1899-1905 Rev. F.J. Wilkin
1908-1916 Rev. R. Williamson
1916-1920 Rev. R. Stoward
1921-1928 Rev. E.H. Holloway
1929-1931 Rev. H.G. Scholefield
1931-1944 Rev. H.S. Smith
1945-1949 Rev. T.F. Keyte
1950-1954 Rev. A.G. Coventry
1954-1957 Rev. A. Brookes
1957-1959 Rev. J. Robertson (Interim)
1959-1968 Rev. R.E. McMillan (Bob)
1968-1974 Rev. D.S. Breguet (Stan)
1974-1978 Rev. George McAdam
1979-1986 Pastor Barry McDonald
1986 Mr. Fred Leeming (Interim)
1987-1997 Rev. Kevin Purvis
1998-1999 Rev. Marian Welford (Interim)
1999-2001 Rev. Tony Richardson; A. Pst. Christal Richardson
2001-2003 Rev. Tony Richardson; A. Pst. Chris Turner; A. Pst. Christal Richardson
2003 Rev. Chris Turner
2004 Rev. Chris Barnden (Interim)
2004 Rev. Ian Paxton (Interim)
2004-2007 Rev. Clarrie Edwards
2008-2010 Rev. Graeme Scorringe
2010-2013 Rev. Clarrie Edwards (Interim)
2013- Rev. Sean Heldsinger