Welcome back beautiful people of Brighton!

Trust you had a good holiday and that you are rested and ready to go. One of my deacons discovered this prayer and felt to share it with us. I have gone over it a few times and discovered when saying it out loud it starts ringing in my spirit, and thus would love to share it with you as well. In light of where we are going as a church and in our individual lives and also in expectancy of a breakthrough we will have this prayer in our messenger for a few weeks. Please allow yourselves to be open to what the Holy Spirit can do with our surrender. Go into your closets and read it out as loud as you are able to. Come share with us what happened please as you feel comfortable.

Many blessings for this year of new beginnings and great expectations!

Your servant and pastor,
Pastor Sean

Lord Jesus Christ,

I acknowledge my need of you and accept you as my Saviour, my Redeemer, my Lord and Deliverer.
I invite you now to be Lord of every area of my life:

  • Lord of my mental health, all of my mind, thoughts and attitudes
  • Lord of my will and all my decisions
  • Lord of my body and my physical health and behaviour
  • Lord of my spirit, my relationship with you and all my worship
  • Lord of all my emotions, feelings and reactions
  • Lord of my family and all my relationships
  • Lord of all my work and service for you
  • Lord of my sexuality and all its expression
  • Lord of all my finances, material goods and needs
  • Lord of the manner and time of my death

Thank You that Your blood was shed that I might be set free.


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