Hi guys!

I trust you all had an awesome two weeks of fasting and prayer. I do realise that not all can do this and that its new to many, as has been relayed to me. Nonetheless we have come through it with flying colours.

I would like to reiterate the words I said last week Sunday.

“God loves you, therefore I love you too!”

My word of encouragement for this week is a quote from part of my sermon for today.

“Unbelief not only stops the love of God from reaching the sinners heart, it also stops the power of God from operating in the life of the Christian. David was not concerned about the weight of Goliath’s sword. As far as he was concerned this “uncircumcised philistine” was no match for the power of God!”

I trust this will resonate with your belief, and you would make this your life motto as I have adopted this in my life too.

No giant is a match for the power of my God.

Many Blessings, Child of God.

Pastor Sean

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