As we are about to embark on a two week fasting and prayer session, I trust that this week’s word of encouragement will strengthen you and prepare you for that breakthrough you are trusting God for.

I know we can’t do anything on our own without the help of the Holy Spirit.


‘As I began to speak,’ Peter continued, ‘the Holy Spirit fell on them, just as He fell on us at the beginning.’ (Acts 11:15)

  • The Lord sent His Holy Spirit to be with you continually.
  • His Spirit fell on people in the Bible, and you can know the same thing even now.
  • His Spirit makes all the difference in our daily lives.
  • So ask Him to fill you with His precious Holy Spirit now, and believe He is able.

Prayer for this to happen:

Lord, just as Your Holy Spirit came on your people in the early church, I pray today that Your Spirit will fall upon me and our church and transform our lives in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Trust you have enjoyed the read today and continue to believe.

Pastor Sean

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